A Typical Day's Schedule:          Cabins

7:00 AM            Arise/Wash-Up                                      Campers Sleep in tents on wooden platforms. Each tent holds 3-4
7:15 AM            KPs                                                        campers, and counselors sleep in adjacent tents. Modern bathroom
7:30 AM            Assembly/Announcements                    facilities are available nearby. Keeping living areas to a bare minimum
7:45 AM            Breakfast                                                encourages our campers to unplug, read a book, and enjoy the sounds of
8:15 AM            Morning Reflections                               nature.
9:45 AM            1st Session
11:00 AM          2nd Session
12:15 PM          KPs, wash-up, assembly
12:30 PM          Lunch
2:00 PM            3rd Session
3:15 PM            4th Session
4:30 PM            Free time
5:45 PM            KPs, wash-up, assembly
6:00 PM            Dinner                                                   Dining Hall
7:15 PM            Skills Session                                        Most campers come to meals good and hungry.  Fortunately, our food
8:15 PM            Community meeting                              never leaves anyone wanting.  Campers take turns with KP duties: setting
8:30 PM            Campfire program                                 tables, busing meals, then cleaning up after the meal.  Our menu is a
9:45 PM            Evening reflections                                balance between nutrition and camper-friendly food.  Campers sit with
10:15 PM          Taps                                                       their tribe-mates, providing counselors the perfect chance to check in with
                                                                                        their campers.