Camp Rules

1. Be considerate of others                                                                                              Tips for early risers

  • Respect each others' property and space                                                             In order to not disturb fellow campers and leaders,
  • Respect each others' feelings and situations                                                        the following are some alternative activities for
  • Pay attention to announcements, instructors, speakers, song leaders, etc...       those who rise earlier than the scheduled time
  • Be on time for all activities, assemblies, mess hall, etc...                                      1. Stay in bed quietly

2. Help conserve the environment                                                                                   2. Go fishing (tell your counselor and go with a

  • No rock throwing                                                                                                        "buddy"
  • Stay on trails, pick up litter, leave animals alone                                                   3. Take a shower (refreshing and not crowded)

3. No hand-held games, no drugs, no weapons                                                              4. Go for a nature hike (bird or animal watching)
4. No open fires, except at designated sites                                                                    5. Watch the sunrise (it's beautiful)
5. Stay within camp boundaries; stay off some areas or buildings not assigned to us    6. Go jogging or exercising or do Tai Chi
6. Leave safety equipment alone

Safety and Health Tips
1. Let your cabin leader know where you are going and when you are returning
2. Don't go anywhere without a "buddy." If you are lost, stay put
3. Drink plenty of fluids
4. Use lip balm and sunscreen
5. Report all injuries or illnesses to your cabin leader
6. Observe all rules at archery, craft, outpost, mess hall, waterfront locations
7. Bring a flashlight and warm clothes before it gets dark