14 -16

BOYS CAM(Brochure) (Application)

3 -11


Traditional resident camp situated in the High Sierras for boys (ages 10 to 17 years). The campers are placed in groups of 6 - 8 to participate in the camp programs to build friendships, learn cooperation and teamwork, as well as to share and learn from other campers in a fun and safe setting.  For application forms, CLICK HERE. Forms and $150 fee due by Wednesday, June 26th.

(Registration CLOSED - Camp Full (as of 6/28/19))


About our Fees

Continues its long tradition of being held at Redwood Glen Camp near Pescadero, CA.  This 3 day camp allows girls (ages 10 - 18 years) to get out of the city and participate in exciting indoor and outdoor activities.  For application forms, CLICK HERE.  Forms and $75 or $100 fee due by Friday, April 30th


GIRLS CAM(Brochure) (Application)

We believe that every child should be afforded the opportunity to go to camp.  Thus, the fees (Boys Camp, $150; Girls Camp, $75; Leadership Camp, $100) are set in order to remove financial barriers for those unable to afford the usual camp fee.  Donations from C.A.M.P. supporters help to subsidize our camp for everyone.  We request that those families (able to afford it) make an offsetting donation of $160 or more so that our donors’ contributions can be targeted to those in need of subsidies.  Please make checks payable to: C.A.M.P.